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Prevent the Bug Before it Bites, Get your Flu Shots today!

Do I need Flu Shots?  The flu refers to illnesses caused by various influenza viruses. It can cause different symptoms in each person, and the effects range from mild to dangerous. While knowing about the flu is important, you should also protect yourself against it. In addition to avoiding sick people and keeping yourself healthy, you should also get vaccinated. Since it’s the best protection against the flu, everyone’s encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible, especially during the fall and winter months.

The experienced staff at Urgent Care 24/7 is always informed on the current flu outbreaks and vaccinations. You can trust us with your health care.

Contact us today to learn how you can protect yourself against the flu.

Flu Shots

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There are many benefits to getting a vaccination. The flu shot:

  • Prevents the flu – Flu shots can help reduce the chance of catching it. Don’t wait until it hits you to get a shot!
  • Assists those with chronic health issues – Those suffering from chronic issues, such as heart problems or diabetes, can reduce their risk of being hospitalized by getting vaccinated.
  • Protects pregnant women – Flu shots are an important component of pregnancy and pediatric care before, during and after birth. Don’t put yourself or your baby at risk by skipping them!
  • Lessens the flu’s effects – While a flu vaccination doesn’t completely reduce the chance of you catching it, you won’t be as sick if you’ve gotten the shot.
  • Protects people around you – You staying healthy helps everyone around you stay healthy, too.

Come get your flu shot today so you and your loved ones can stay as healthy as possible!

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